VideoMeld 1.65

Feature-rich multi-track video editor with support for all media files

Known worldwide for being the creators of probably the most widely used professional audio editors, GoldWave offers you now a feature-rich app to create, combine, mix, and enhance your video files. VideoMeld replicates the ease of use and the extensive list of features, functions, effects, and filters that GoldWave users have enjoyed over the years in a tool designed to make professional video editing just as rewarding.

While GoldWave is limited to creating, editing, and mixing audio files, VideoMeld is open to nearly any media file. Though focused on producing a final video file, you can use any number of videos, audio files, images, or text captions in the mix, and enrich it with the wide variety of audio and video effects, transitions, and overlays that the program offers. Its extensive support for most media formats allows you to combine videos downloaded from online sites with your own captures, with audio files in most lossless and lossy formats, and with digital photos downloaded from the Web or taken with your camera. VideoMeld’s timeline-based interface will allow you to organize and mix them in the most intuitive way.

The program comes with a very interesting selection of video editing features, effects, and transitions, which will help you to turn your homemade files into professional movies, complete with, for instance, captions, subtitles, and credits. You may need to change the aspect ratio, crop your videos, remove those scenes you’re not happy with, rotate and scale the image, flip or mirror it, etc. You can also add pro-looking effects to all or part of your videos, such as various types of blurs. Of course, you can also perform the classic light-related corrections to improve the sharpness, contrast, brightness, colors, and even the level of transparency of your videos and images. The program’s audio effects will let you equalize the sound, apply top-notch noise reduction techniques, normalize the volume, change the pitch, or add a flanger effect to any of your audio files. You can also use this tool to create multi-track recordings, with different voices or instruments saved as independent tracks that you can later mix and combine as you wish. Do not expect to find the same extensive choice of audio filters and effects that GoldWave offers, but rest assured that you will meet the same level of quality.

VideoMeld also offers you a number of extra features that are worth noting, such as a useful screen recorder to produce tutorials and presentations or a text-to-speech tool to transform any text into an audio file using synthetic speech. Regardless the use you may end up making of this app, what makes VideoMeld a truly interesting tool worth checking is the wide array of possibilities that its many functions provide and the high level of quality of all its video and audio editing features.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Combines all kinds of media files
  • Good choice of video and audio effects
  • Creates multi-track audio files
  • Screen recorder for tutorials and presentations
  • Supports high-quality HD video


  • No drawbacks found
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